News from the Strawberry!

Hi everybody! Well, take a look at the Lodi-News Sentinel today–Saturday, June 4th. In it you can see what some fine folks are doing to help me stay in Lodi and keep you supplied with fresh local produce! We all love Lodi and we care so much about our beautiful land and the benefits it gives us, whether we are in the city or on the farm. We care about a healthy Lodi and we want to do everything we can to keep it that way. Who wants food trucked in from thousands of miles away when we have so much potential right here? This is true progress–that we appreciate what we have been given and do not throw away the great benefits that are literally in our own backyards.We know that there is plenty of land all inside Lodi that is undeveloped and there should not be a rush to take irreplaceable farmland. And, why pick on the strawberry? So stay tuned for the next stage of this project–more exciting news will be added to my blog next week!

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3 Responses to News from the Strawberry!

  1. James Forbes says:

    This is a sad commentary about the ability of some to abuse the legal system for to suit their idealogical beliefs. California has the strictest environmental review and processing laws in the world, which takes advantage of our democratic legal system to allow ample opportunity and time for citizens to comment on future development. This took place over a 4 year period in the form of the Lodi General Plan update. Many, many, many newspaper articles in both the Lodi News Sentinel and the Record were written about this very public process. The City of Lodi mailed notices of workshops and public meetings to people in the proposes new General Plan boundaries. I think there were over 15 public workshops held at various times of the day and night, and held in different locations, all to encourage public input. A Kaehler family member even commented on an alternative to the General Plan that included the property currently being proposed for development. And yet, in an obvious abuse of the legal system, the same family files suit. You knew, and even endorsed, the annexation of this property into the City of Lodi. Shame on you! I understand you are a devout Catholic-how do you justify this action with God? Don’t tell me this is about preservation of agriculture when virtually all of your fellow supporters live and/or own property in suburban Lodi within about a half-mile of the site. It’s a classic Not In My Back Yard, (“NIMBY”), situation. We’re talking about them losing their strawberry stand, not preservation of agriculture. This is about people being too lazy to follow the public comment process and instead take the easy and lazy route of simply paying an attorney a couple of thousand dollars to file a law suit. You and your supporters should be ashamed of yourselves and asking God for forgiveness of your sins of laziness, taking unfair advantage of the legal system, and selfishness for thinking first of your own good and not others first.

    James Forbes

  2. Ray Murphy says:

    Asphalt and cement continue expand and cover some of the finest soil for agriculture in the world. All the while properties previously developed are setting empty and deteriorating. Just across the street from the strawberry farm is a strip mall that has empty units. City and County planners should consider recycling existing properties before issuing permits to destroy fertile soil for development. It may be too late for this property but proper environmental stewardship could preserve precious soil in the future.

  3. Deanna says:

    Wow, can you believe all that hot air??? Strawberries were certainly ripened by that heat wave, hahaha! Frankly, I do believe God supports the Strawberry patch or it would be cement already. Keep the GREEN!! And by that, I don’t meaning the quest for the mighty dollar, Mr. Forbes.

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