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Hi Folks!
Nothing much to report at the moment, as the City of Lodi has not presented the South Hutchins Annexation Project to LAFCO. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all who have done so much to help me stay. I appreciate all the letters to the editor and the words of those who love our town and our farms. And we now have an online petition that you can sign! Just click on the link to the right. Thank you and great job, Lodi!

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3 Responses to Sign Our New Petition!

  1. Jeanne Symons says:

    These strawberry fields are an important part of the local community. They provide excellent fruit LOCALLY, lowering the impact on the environment in many beneficial ways. For those of us who are doing our best to conserve energy and resources, and provide jobs to the local community, the strawberry fields must be allowed to stay.

  2. Jenny L. Candelario says:

    I oppose the 30 acre South Hutchins Annexation Project.

  3. Christina Fugazi says:

    I oppose the South Hutchins Annexation Project.

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