Setback for the Strawberry…

Well, this is live-blogging from the City Council and it looks like Round One is not going to the strawberry. The Strawberry has lost 4-0, with Mayor Johnson, and CouncilMembers Nakanishi, Katzakian, and Hansen voting for annexation. Well, we are packing up for the night but we will have more information in the morning. Don’t give up–we can still save the strawberry if we work together!

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4 Responses to Setback for the Strawberry…

  1. Dave and Raycine says:

    We have been getting our strawberries from the patch since 1999. Our children have come from Santa Rosa and Fresno to buy berries. This is one of the few patches that doesn’t use pesticide. We can eat them and not get sick from the pesticides that seep into the strawberries.

  2. Julie Tcha says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for all that you are doing!

    I just recently heard about the proposed development plan from my family yesterday and am very upset about the whole ordeal. My parents own the strawberry patch there at the corner of Harney and Hutchins.

    Our strawberry stand and patch has become a huge part of the Lodi community. Our customers know us personally and value our strawberries and vegetables because they know that they’re all grown with love.

    I haven’t thoroughly talked with my parents to get their opinion but you can count me in for support and any help.

  3. Cameron Lunt says:

    I am suprised about this, my in-laws own this and make sure this is well kept and offer excellent service. Lodi shouldn’t be able to do this since they have plenty of other sites that just need renovation and can be a much better site for this project. It is a business and Lodi wouldn’t go in and just destroy some building so they could build another one. Leave the strawberry field alone.

    I live in Utah but will do anything to help.

  4. Denis Silber says:

    Dear Nicolini Family,

    I attended the city council meeting April 21st. I spoke in opposition to the development. Have you checked out the home page for LAFCO? Read their mission statement. They specifically state that their mission is to “Preserve agricultural land and discourage urban sprawl.” Perhaps we can use this to prevent the continued loss of ag. land and increased development in the greenbelt.

    Additionally, check out page two of today’s (4/25) Lodi News-Sentinel. The county is holding a series of town hall meetings to in an effort to update the 2010 General Plan. Opinions expressed will influence decision making for the next 20 years. They want citizens to tell them how our communities should or should not change and where population growth should be placed. I intend to be at the 5/2 meeting to express my views.

    Feel free to contact me at

    Denis Silber

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