August Updates…Maybe!

Hi Folks!

Still in legal limbo..but something to think about! With the global economy so bad, and so many people losing their jobs, we have a greater need to take care of our own local communities. That means food security, and how much food can we grow in cement, buildings, and asphalt? Right now Somalia is suffering a horrific famine, and the pictures are truly heartbreaking. We are trying to stop that here!


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  1. James Forbes says:

    Please connect the dots between famine in Somalia and a proposed annexation of property into the City of Lodi, especially the part about, “We are trying to stop that here!”. I’m just not seeing a connection. Somehow you conclude that a land owner who patiently waited for the Lodi General Plan update process to go through its DOZENS of public meeting, comment periods, and public hearings over a span of at least 4 years, with neither you, (referring to the Kaehler & Nicolini families), objecting to this area being annexed, is causing a potential famine in Lodi? Not only did you NOT OBJECT to the subject property being eventually developed, you actually supported, in writing, (supporters to the save our strawberries cause, look it up, its public record), in a letter to the City of Lodi that you supported an alternative land plan that included this developer’s property. If you want to play the “Not in My Back Yard” game, its your money to spend on attorneys and court costs and wasting your time to make little eyes and noses for strawberries, but don’t make more of a fool of yourselves by stating that stopping this project somehow prevents a famine, (that doesn’t exist), in Lodi! UNBELIEVABLE!

    James Forbes

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