It’s Been A Long Time…But I Have Some News Now!

Hi Folks!
First of all, I want to say a tremendous “Thank You” to all of the positive comments, the letters to the editor, and the many people who took the time to sign our online petition (there is still room for more signatures–see the link to the right). It is heartening to see all of the friends of Lodi who love our city and our farmland, and want to preserve the unique characteristics of both by keeping them separate! Your support helps us to keep fighting for what is good for Lodi. Especially now when so many people are struggling, it is so important to have local food and produce that wasn’t trucked in from thousands of miles away. It is less expensive, more healthy, and shows that we really care about our food safety for us and for our kids and grandkids in the future.
Since there are legal issues going on, there isn’t too much I can say right now. But I can say that all legal efforts are being made to keep the Strawberry in Lodi! As soon as I am able to say more, all of you will be the first to know–and there even may be some homework assignments! One thing I can tell you is that the City Council did adopt a resolution to continue with the pre-zoning process to take my home; I am not sure how that fits in with the legal order to stop this annexation, but I am a strawberry, not a lawyer!
Thank you, Lodi!

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  1. James Forbes says:

    I’d like to know why no grape growers have signed on to your, (meaning the Kaehler family), petition or offered their name up to support your cause? It seems odd, doesn’t it, that there is active agriculture right next to the project you are suing, and yet that property or none of the other grape growers that literally have the City of Lodi surrounded in vineyards seem to think your cause is just enough to join. Also, do your ‘followers’ realize that your own property is about a mile away on Armstrong Road? Given that the vast majority of your petition signers live within this same radius, isn’t this more of a case of “not in my back yard” than preserving agriculture? Why did you not legally challenge the City’s General Plan last year before it was adopted? It’s the GP that created the entitlement for this project to go forward, and yet you did nothing other than actually support one of the alternatives during the comment period, an alternative that also would have allowed this project to move forward. I think it important for your supporters and petition signers to hear your answers to these questions.

    James Forbes

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